Diamond Buying Guide

The first time you buy a diamond should be an exciting, joyous event, one befitting the love and devotion that inspires the purchase. Choosing the right diamond for you is a momentous occasion, and we want you to feel comfortable and well-informed, not overwhelmed or confused.

With that in mind, we have put together a diamond buying guide to ensure that you have comprehensive and detailed information with which to make the best decision.

Additionally, the diamond experts at Padis Jewelry are here to help select the perfect diamond for you, and are available to guide you in learning about the characteristics that make each diamond unique. Please feel free to call us at 1.888.500.GEMS, or contact us by LiveChat.


A diamond certificate is a grading report done by a team of graduate gemologists who determine and record the Four C's for each diamond. Padis Jewelry firmly believes that you should never buy a diamond without a grading report. There are four major laboratories who produce these certifications, and they are GIA, EGL USA, AGS, and IGI, and each of our diamonds will come with a report from one of these laboratories.  We also offer Forevermark certified, as well as Canadamark.

In addition, Padis Jewelry certifies that all diamonds are conflict-free, in strict accordance with the Kimberley Process.  Read more about the Kimberley Process here.

When you are shopping for your perfect diamond on our website, you will find that we display each diamond's grading report alongside the information for the diamond. This can give you added confidence that the diamond you are considering is certified to be of top gemstone quality by a third party.

The Padis Difference

We know that there are countless sources for buying a diamond, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores. The Padis Promise is a commitment to you as our customer: honesty, integrity, and above all, value.

From a pricing perspective, our goal at Padis Jewelry is to provide you with the best diamond for the price. The difference between Padis Jewelry and other retailers is quite simple: we hand-select and purchase each and every diamond you see in our inventory. Most retailers do not hold the inventory they display online; rather, they 'lease' the information for each diamond they list, and have likely never seen the gemstones in person.

We aim to take a more personal role in the diamonds we offer. We have exceedingly high standards for quality, just like you, and we know that 'Seeing is believing'.

Padis Jewelry is an established family-owned business which has been successfully operating in beautiful San Francisco for over forty years. Founder Steve Padis has built incredible, long-lasting friendships with key purveyors in the diamond industry, which has allowed us to maintain low costs when buying our inventory. In light of these valuable partnerships, we are pleased to offer the highest quality diamonds and gemstones to you at wholesale prices.