4 Ways You Can Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

4 Ways You Can Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together
Wearing jewelry is a form of expressing your style and fashion taste. Many tastemakers today curate their daily jewelry ensemble just as they would their outfit. In fact, the two go hand in hand. An outfit wouldn’t be complete with the perfect necklace, earrings, and rings.
When it comes to mixing metals, there’s no greater debate in the fashion and jewelry worlds. Some say it’s a faux pas. Others say it’s a sign of great style. No matter which side you’re on, here are some ways you can wear gold and silver jewelry together, without offending anyone.
1. Adding a Symbolic Band to Your Wedding Ring Stack 
A lovely way to honor the birth of a child or a momentous time in your life is to add a diamond band to your left ring finger. Now, if your engagement ring and wedding band are white gold or platinum, don’t feel like you should stick with that metal for a symbolic band. Check out bands in a different style than your wedding band.
2. Adopting an Everyday Earring
Iconic style is usually marked by a memorable and stylish piece of jewelry that goes with everything. When you have jewelry that you wear every day, like a pair of diamond studs, it almost becomes part of you. Because of this reason, you shouldn’t feel limited to only wearing that metal type. Freely accessorize around an everyday piece depending on your look of the day.
3. Delicate Layering
When it comes to layering necklaces and rings, delicate and dainty styles are best for mixing gold and silver. For example, ultra-thin rings with tiny diamond accents, or simple gold chains with a single charm. The trick is not to layer multiple statement pieces of different metals. Keep it simple so the metals compliment rather than compete.
4. Wearing Separate Types of Jewelry
A gold ring and a silver necklace? Great! An easy way to try mixing gold and silver jewelry is to do so with pieces that won’t be near each other. If you’re not ready to style gold and silver stacked rings, giving your mixed metals some breathing room is a guaranteed way to tastefully mix your metals.
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