Bay Area Couple Wins a Trip to the Grammy Awards from Padis and Bulova

Bay Area Couple Wins a Trip to the Grammy Awards from Padis and

Eight years ago, when Bill Lee was hoping to propose to his then-girlfriend, Samantha, he was directed to Padis Jewelry by his brother, who had recently purchased an engagement diamond for his own bride-to-be. At Padis, we hear stories like this frequently; our clients are a vast network of families and friends who share their experiences and keep returning to see their consultants and our selection of designer jewelry and diamonds again and again.

Because we appreciate our clients so very much, we love to offer exclusive access to unique trips, interactive educational seminars, hip restaurant reservations, and more. Padis Jewelry recently held an event for our clients wherein we offered a contest entry for a VIP Trip to the Grammys in NYC, flights and hotel all-inclusive, plus tickets to the show itself.

As they frequently did, Bill and Samantha came in to visit, bringing their children with them to enjoy the festive atmosphere and snacks. They entered the contest, not expecting to win, as did many others in attendance on that day.

When their name was drawn as the Grand Prize Winner, the whole family was astonished, to say the least.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of win,” Bill said of the trip.

Judy Padis herself handled most of the logistical planning for Bill and Samantha, who hadn’t been to New York together in almost ten years, before they were married, and way before they had had their children.

Bill said, ”It was kind of strange, at first, without them, then we realized that it was like when we were dating, and it was all the more special.” They stayed at the Grand Hyatt, visited Grand Central Station, had a luxe Italian dinner at Osteria Laguna, and did some sight-seeing together, enjoying each other’s company.

Bulova, who sponsored the Grammy tickets, arranged for transportation for Bill and Samantha transportation to the black-tie pre-party, which Bill said “was a thrill”, and the actual event was mesmerizing, seeing celebrities in their couture fashion.

The Padis Jewelry Family honors and is grateful to its clients, both from long-ago, and new referrals, as well. The team at Padis welcomes you and your families into the showrooms both for finding that perfect piece to commemorate life’s most special moments, and for the chance to win opportunities such as Bill and Samantha’s trip to the Grammys. See you soon!