(NEWS) Padis Jewelry Inducted Into National Jeweler’s 2019 Retailer Hall of Fame

(NEWS) Padis Jewelry Inducted Into National Jeweler’s 2019 Retailer Hall of Fame
Padis Jewelry was the only independent multi-store jeweler in the country to be inducted last week into the 2019 Retailer Hall of Fame by National Jeweler.
The annual awards program recognizes jewelers “who have made significant contributions to jewelry retailing and inspired their peers,” according to National Jeweler, which is published by the leading nonprofit jewelry association in the country, Jewelers of America.
This year, just three jewelers were inducted into the Retailer Hall of Fame. Two jewelers were recognized in the Single-Store Independent category, and Padis was the only inductee in the Multi-Store Independent category.
More than 8,000 jewelry stores across the country are members of Jewelers of America.
“It is one thing to be recognized for operating a successful jewelry company that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 45 years,” said owner Steve Padis, who sits on the boards of directors for Jewelers of America and Forevermark Retailers. “But to be lauded by our peers in the industry is really something else. I’m honored to work in an industry that includes some of the brightest and most driven individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with. I’m so proud of what Padis Jewelry has accomplished over the past several decades, and this recognition certainly impels us to continue focusing on the things that truly matter to our customers.”
The Retailer Hall of Fame was first introduced in 1989 and recognizes three retailers each year in the two aforementioned categories as well as a Major Corporations category. For 2019, however, no major jewelry corporations were recognized.
Padis Jewelry currently has four locations in the Bay Area and later this year will open Forevermark’s first standalone store in the United States.
(NEWS) Padis Jewelry Inducted Into National Jeweler’s 2019 Retailer Hall of Fame
We’re pleased to announce that Steve and Judy Padis of Padis Jewelry have been inducted into the 2019 Retailer Hall of Fame by National Jeweler in the “Multi-Store Independent” category.
According to the press release:
“Each year between 1989 and 2012, National Jeweler inducted retailers in three categories: single-store independent, multi-store independent and major corporations.
After a brief hiatus, the Hall returned in 2017 with a fresh set of winners.
This year, however, National Jeweler has opted to switch it up a bit, honoring two single-store independent jewelers along with one multi-store independent.”
Congratulations to Steve and Judy!
To read the full announcement and learn more about the other inductees, visit: https://www.nationaljeweler.com/independents/retail-profiles/7601-2019-retailer-hall-of-fame-inductees-announced