Simple and Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Simple and Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage proposals don’t have to be flashy. In fact, for a lot of women, popping the question over an intimate dinner is more meaningful than professing your love to them through a jumbotron at a sports arena. 

You know they’re the one, so why not give them the simple and romantic marriage proposal they’ve been dreaming of? Here are some ideas for you. 

Take them to the place where you met (or had your first date!)
Perhaps you met your soon-to-be fiancé at work. Take them back to the exact spot you first laid eyes on each other. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in an office cubicle or at a bar, this will make for a memorable engagement they can’t wait to tell their friends about. 

If the place you met isn’t an option, think back to where you had your first date. Lots of first dates happened at a park or restaurant, which is both romantic and intimate. 

Propose at home
For couples who spend most of their time at home, especially during quarantine, proposing at home may be the ideal option. Sprinkle rose petals leading up to the dinner table with a nice meal (or dessert) waiting for them to indulge. Hide the ring in your pocket or in a box under their chair for a fun surprise they won’t expect.

Prepare a scavenger hunt at home
Another way to propose at home is to surprise your significant other with carefully placed gifts around the house. You can start by asking them to retrieve something from the fridge, where a bottle of champagne is waiting inside with a bow. Then you can ask them to check the utensils draw, where they will unwrap diamond studs or hoop earrings. Finally, ask them to take your hand and get down on one knee to propose with the perfect engagement ring

Pop the question on a holiday
Asking for someone’s hand in marriage on a holiday might sound cliché, but hear us out. A Christmas or Valentine’s Day proposal will be one they will always cherish and celebrate for years to come. You can leave them in suspense all day, or come right out with it and propose before breakfast. Simply say “Happy Valentine’s Day, will you marry me?” It’s simple and to the point, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Propose at a jewelry store

Choosing a ring that fits their personal style is hard enough. Why not combine your marriage proposal and ring shopping all in one day? Schedule an appointment with a local jewelry store and surprise them with a proposal on the spot (similar to the engagement scene in Sweet Home Alabama).