Stacked Wedding Rings | Style Tips and Trends

Stacked Wedding Rings | Style Tips and TrendsWedding rings have a classical appeal to them. Although trends come and go, the continuity in the simple bands connect various eras and generations and present something that feels like it never goes out of style.

Even when innovation does pop up, it doesn’t reinvent the ring — it expresses the marriage bond in a new way, but it’s anchored by the simple and classic wedding band.

Stacked wedding rings are the current trend in the spotlight that both complements and tries something new. So let’s take a closer look at this popular choice for brides these days.


Stacking rings in the bridal arena is getting its focal moment today, but the practice of stacking rings, in general, has been around for a while. For example, a common custom in Scandinavia is wearing three rings; for engagement, marriage and motherhood, respectively. Furthermore, stacking jewelry has been popular throughout the greater sphere of fashion for some time.

The stacked wedding ring trend typically involves having one wedding ring on either side of the engagement ring. There can be various reasons for this order, depending on the wearer’s intentions.
Memoire Diamond Stackable Band
Memoire Diamond Stackable Band

The surrounded engagement ring gives off a symmetrical, complete and fashionable look. It also encapsulates some symbolism — the engagement ring is secured and protected within the two wedding bands. Furthermore, an additional ring is an opportunity to add more sparkle to the ring finger.

Lastly, sometimes women are gifted rings to remember certain important occasions in their marriage, like anniversary milestones or childbirths. Therefore, these stacked rings have an individual moment meaning.


Some brides-to-be may stress about choosing rings. However, the truth is, there is no one conventional way to pick out your wedding rings. While there may be familial considerations, such as using a relative’s ring, the most important criterion to consider when choosing rings is if you like them.

Mixing and matching gems, metals and designs is entirely at your discretion. You can choose uniformity in color and design or take an outside-the-ordinary approach. Rings are only mismatched if you decide they are.
Henri Daussi Wedding Band
Henri Daussi Wedding Band

Your inner compass will be the best guide. After all, you’re the only one who’ll be wearing them every day, and you want to be happy seeing them throughout all the wonderful years to come.


As mentioned before, putting a wedding band on either side of the engagement ring is the most popular ring stacking order for brides. However, as previously mentioned, these are your rings, and you should wear them in whatever way brings you the most delight. A less common approach is putting the engagement ring on first and then adding the two wedding bands.

Throughout the years, you can add another ring or two or even transfer some of the rings to your right hand. The options are, quite literally, in your hands.

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Stacking your wedding rings may just be a trend that resonates with you for symbolism or appearance purposes. When you’re ready to consider your wedding ring options, we at Padis Jewelry would be charmed to help you find the perfect fit. Give us a call at your convenience, or fill out the quick contact form on our website.