Stacking Rings | How to Create a Flawless Combination of Gold and Diamond

Stacking Rings | How to Create a Flawless Combination of Gold and Diamond
Ring stacking gives you the ability to stylishly accessorize while showing off your unique personality. However, it isn’t always the easiest jewelry trend to pull off. If you are interested in giving this luxury jewelry trend a try but are unsure what to do, we can help.

At Padis Jewelry, we will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you choose gold, silver and diamond rings that flawlessly combine to create a chic, stylish look that showcases your individual personality.

Create Eye-Catching Combinations by Mixing and Matching Metals
The secret to creating eye-catching and stylish combinations of stackable rings is to mix and match metals. It is bold, dramatic and sure to grab people’s attention.

While your goal is to be bold and dramatic, you don’t want to go overboard when mixing and matching metals. We recommend sticking with two contrasting metals. A favorite combination of ours is the Gabriel & Co. White Gold Fashion Ring with Rope Detail with the Scott Kay Yellow Gold Diamond Embrace Band. The white gold color of the Gabriel & Co. ring pops when combined with the subtle and stylish color of the Scott Kay ring.

Don’t Shy Away from Choosing Rings with Gemstones or Diamonds
Not all the rings you choose to stack need to be thin bands. They can contain gemstones and diamonds for a little extra sparkle and shine.

There is a subtle art to how to stack rings with gemstones. Don’t stack the rings so all the gemstones appear in a straight line. Instead, take some time to try to stagger the rings so the gemstones appear in different patterns.

For example, you could take the Tacori “Sonoma Skies” Ring which includes a crystal blue sky topaz gemstone and pair it up with the Ladies’ Forevermark Tribute Diamond Ring which features a stunning white diamond. When stacking the rings you can slide the one gemstone so it is more to the left, while the diamond is situated to the right.

Choose Rings in Various Shapes, Sizes, and Widths
This is where you get to let your creativity shine. You can choose rings in various shapes, sizes, and widths to create unique looks that really allow you to express yourself.

Some suggestions you can try include:

Wearing smaller rings on different fingers – the rings you choose to wear don’t have to fit securely near the knuckle. You can choose a smaller size so the ring sits securely near the top of the finger. This creates a fun layered look.

Choose rings in various patterns – don’t stick to just one style of ring. Mix and match the different styles. For example, you could choose to wear the Gabriel & Co. Ladies’ Fashion Ring which is rose gold and features an intricate pattern of diamonds around the band with a Ladies’ Forevermark Tribute Diamond Ring.

Embrace rings with larger bands – consider stacking rings such as the Gabriel & Co. Diamond Fashion Ring with smaller thinner rings like this Gabriel & Co. Ladies’ Fashion Ring and this Gabriel & Co. Ladies’ Fashion Ring. You don’t have to wear the rings on the same finger, you can create a stacked look by the rings on different fingers on the same hand.

There really is no right or wrong way to stack rings. It is all about finding and combining rings that you feel comfortable wearing and that you feel reflect your personality. Padis Jewelry, one of the most notable jewelers in San Francisco, has an exceptional collection of luxury rings that are perfect for stacking.

Ready to start stacking rings? Visit our website or schedule an appointment to visit one of our three showrooms and we can help you choose rings that flawlessly combine to create the look you want.