The Do's and Don'ts of Ring Stacking

The Do's and Don'ts of Ring Stacking
Stacking (or layering) rings is a beautiful jewelry trend. It’s not only a way to wear a variety of rings, but also a way to express yourself and remember meaningful milestones in your life.
What is ring stacking?
Ring stacking (or layering) is a jewelry trend where you wear multiple rings on one or multiple fingers. Many ring stackers start off by adding anniversary rings to their engagement ring and wedding band. However, ring stacking doesn’t have to include wedding rings.
How do I stack my rings?
There are no rules when it comes to stacking rings. Here are some tips to get you started.
Mix rings you already own with new rings you have your eye on. You don’t have to buy all new rings to create the perfect stack. Assess what you already own and which rings would complement each other when stacked.
Incorporate gemstones. If you’re into the gemstone look, stacking is a fun way to express it. Many people have a strong connection to their birthstone, and others identify with another gemstone like sapphire or ruby. Using a gemstone or two in your stack adds color and energy.
Mix simple dainty bands with chunky diamond bands. Don’t worry if two rings aren’t perfectly stacked. Instead, the rings should have an overall cohesive look.
Don’t be afraid to mix different metals and band widths. Stacking rose gold with yellow gold is perfectly acceptable. In fact, many ring stackers prefer the unmatched look. Same goes for band width. 
How many fingers should I stack?
It’s up to you how many fingers you want to use when ring stacking. As a general guideline, we recommend you either wear a couple of rings on multiple fingers, or multiple rings on one or two fingers. Both large and small stacks make a bold statement. 
Why is ring stacking a trend?
Similar to the bracelet layering trend, ring stacking is a fashion trend. It’s a way to express your personal style through your love of diamonds and gemstones.
Another reason women start stacking rings is to honor a milestone or occasion in their life. A wedding band is a representation of marriage, but there are so many more moments worth remembering. Anniversaries, the birth of children, and the passing of a loved one are a few examples. Wearing a ring that symbolizes that life event is a daily reminder of the mark it made on your life.
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