The Real Difference Between Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds

The Real Difference Between Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds

Scientifically, they are the same. And they’re both considered real. So what’s the big difference between lab grown and organic diamonds? About 3 billion years.


What is a synthetic diamond?

A synthetic diamond is made in a lab by scientists. Diamonds that were grown in a lab take about 6-10 weeks to grow. Lab grown diamonds are labeled as such, but they also have defining characteristics such as metallic inclusions and ultraviolet fluorescent coloring that can be detected by a GIA expert. Though lab grown diamonds can be quite large, they are limited in carat size and usually top out at 20 carats.


The Symbolism of an Organic Diamond

Organic diamonds have a deep-rooted history as a symbol of eternal love. Contrary to lab grown diamonds that take mere weeks to grow, an organic diamond takes billions of years to form. From below Earth’s crust to the hands of a jeweler is a lengthy journey, which is why many people consider diamonds to be a symbol for longevity in marriage.

To wear something that has grit behind its beauty is to say that a marriage will endure whatever comes its way and come out on the other side more beautiful than before. A diamond is a representation of a commitment. Rare and beautiful, organic diamonds are the most sought-after symbol of love and a timeless treasure.


Buying a Natural Diamond That is Certified

Because of a diamond’s rarity and value, it’s important to only buy a diamond that is certified. At Padis Jewelry, every diamond over 0.40 carats is accompanied by an independent grading report assessing overall quality and authenticity. We send our diamonds to the most trusted and reliable diamond grading laboratories in the industry.

As an accredited member of the American Gem Society, we believe in the highest ethics and standards for a diamond, which is why we have two GIA Graduate Gemologists on staff at all times. Our clients are guaranteed that their purchases strictly adhere to the highest standards of measurement and quality.


Decision Time: You Can’t Make a Wrong Choice

While symbolism and tradition are great, modern times are meant to push tradition. When choosing an engagement ring, you can’t make a wrong choice. From rose gold bands to yellow center diamonds, there are many unique choices when it comes to designing a non-traditional engagement ring.


At Padis Jewelry, we specialize in loose certified organic diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. Along with our enormous inventory, we always have at least 10,000 diamonds in stock at any one time, from some of the top names in the industry.


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