Top 10 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Top 10 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

At Padis Jewelry, we love helping you create timeless romantic memories with your significant other. If you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift, schedule a visit to our showroom, or check out these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. 

1.      Make dinner at home

 Opt for something elegant, like steak or lobster, and a nice bottle of wine. Put on some romantic music and cook a delicious (hopefully) meal together.

2.      Hike and a picnic

Sweating is sexy, right?! Get those endorphins flowing and spend the day in nature.* Pack a lunch that you can enjoy at the summit. Take in the views of the city…and each other.

*Weather permitting 

3.      Boozy brunch

Instead of dinner, find a brunch buffet and go all out. Stuffed French toast, lox and bagels, protein pancakes, eggs Benedict, bottomless mimosas…all the things! 

4.      Candlelight dinner

If you’ve never gone out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, it’s a must for every couple in love. Make a reservation for a white tablecloth candlelit dinner. Pick them up at eight o’clock and have some roses waiting.

5.      Make your own bouquet

Head to the farmer’s market and select your significant other’s favorites from the local florists. Put them together to create your own bouquet. Wrap it in craft paper with twine for a professional touch.

6.      Have a rom-com marathon

Chances are one of you has a library of favorite romantic comedies ready to queue up at any moment. Snuggle up and watch the classics.

7.      Breakfast in bed

If you have to work, wake up early and enjoy breakfast in bed. Surprise your significant other with their favorite breakfast like a healthy smoothie, omelet, or yogurt parfait.

8.      Surprise engagement

The best part of popping the question on Valentine’s Day? You’ll never forget the day you made him or her the happiest person in the world. Still need a ring? We’ve got you covered.

9.      Romantic getaway

Head out of town this year and celebrate your love by traveling to a bucket-list destination. Couples who travel together get to know each other on a deeper level.

10.  Heartfelt gift

Choosing the perfect heartfelt gift is harder than you think. We’ll help you select the ideal timepiece, diamond studs, or beautiful gemstone he or she will never forget.

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