Top 10 Spring 2019 Jewelry Trends

Top 10 Spring 2019 Jewelry Trends

This spring, get ready for necklace layering, ring stacking, and everyday diamonds.

Dainty diamond necklaces and tiny pavé diamond accents in unexpected places are currently on trend. Don’t wait for a special occasion to wear diamonds, now they can be part of your everyday look.

Plus, go from day to night by layering a diamond pendant necklace with a beautiful choker. Voila! You’re a trendsetter.

There’s always something new in jewelry trends. Here are the top 10 trends that we believe are here to stay this season. 

1. Chokers. Layered with a pendant necklace.

2. Delicate details. Tiny pavé diamonds in unexpected places. 

3. Everyday diamonds. A pendant necklace or stud earrings.

4. Ring stacking. Many rings on many fingers.

5. Heirloom pieces. Pieces passed down that hold special meaning.

6. Geometric shapes. Corners, edges, and shape details.

7. Mixing metals. Gold and silver together.

8. Rose gold. Why not get a pink engagement ring?

9. Statement earrings. Drop earrings that make a statement.

10. Friendship rings. Keep your bestie close.




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