Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

Do you have an anniversary coming up? There’s no better gift than a thoughtfully chosen piece of jewelry. A sparkling pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings for her. A classic designer timepiece for him. An anniversary is a perfect time to add a classic piece to your jewelry wardrobe.


Additionally, it’s equally as thoughtful to pair your gift with a touch of tradition. If you’re not familiar with this anniversary gift tradition, here’s a breakdown on how you can incorporate this tradition into your gift. 




1ST YEAR: Paper


-          Handwritten letter

-          Framed printed photos


2ND YEAR: Cotton


-          Clothing

-          Personalized linens

3RD YEAR: Leather


-          Monogrammed suitcase or purse

-          Shoes

4TH YEAR: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk


-          Perfume or cologne 

-          Lingerie

5TH YEAR: Wood


-          Handmade sign

-          Furniture

6TH YEAR: Iron / Candy


-          Wedding vow sign

-          Chocolates

7TH YEAR: Wool/ Copper


-          Copper barware

-          Designer scarf

8TH YEAR: Bronze


-          Bronze plaque

-          Trip to a tropical island


9TH YEAR: Pottery


-          Kitchenware

-          Date night pottery class

10TH YEAR: Tin/ Aluminum


-          Plane tickets in a tin can

-          Jewelry wrapped in foil

11TH YEAR: Steel


-          Appliance upgrade

-          Unique handmade gift

12TH YEAR: Silk


-          Silk sheets

-          Lingerie

13TH YEAR: Lace


-          Wedding dress keepsake

-          Robe with lace detail

14TH YEAR: Ivory


-          Ivory-colored dishware

-          Watch with ivory detail

15TH YEAR: Crystal


-          Crystal barware

-          Personalized vase

20TH YEAR: China


-          Fine china set

-          Trip to China

25TH YEAR: Silver


-          Silver earrings

-          Silver diamond ring

30TH YEAR: Pearl


-          Pearl earrings

-          Pearl necklace

35TH YEAR: Coral


-          Tropical vacation

-          Coral-colored tie

40TH YEAR: Ruby
45TH YEAR: Sapphire
50TH YEAR: Gold
55TH YEAR: Emerald
60TH YEAR: Diamond


Naturally, we believe diamonds and gems should come in the form of jewelry!


If you’re ready to shop for an anniversary gift or engagement ring, our non-commissioned experts are ready to guide you to the perfect choice! Get started by scheduling a visit to the Padis Jewelry showroom.


Meta: Following tradition, these anniversary gifts are the perfect way to show your loved one your thoughtful side. Even better if it’s paired with a beautiful pair of diamond studs.