What to Look For When Shopping For Designer Fashion Rings

 What to Look For When Shopping For Designer Fashion Rings
For many of us, the engagement ring is the most expensive and meaningful ring we will ever wear. However, designer fashion rings can be just as meaningful. Fashion rings can also add panache to our daily lives. Some of us even choose a designer fashion ring in lieu of a traditional diamond engagement ring.

At Padis Jewelry, we carry all types of designer fashion rings — from the bold and colorful to the subdued and simple. There are a few things you should look for when shopping for a designer fashion ring.


Designer fashion rings are available in a wide variety of styles and prices. From expensive gemstones to simple bands made of yellow or white gold, there are thousands of styles to choose from at a range of prices. Think about what type of material you like best. 

Are you interested in something that will complement existing jewelry, or are you seeking a statement piece? Thinking about the material beforehand may help streamline the process of finding the ring that meets your desires.


Designer fashion rings come in all shapes and sizes. Take, for example, a cocktail ring, traditionally with a large center gemstone or even a classic band that can be worn every day to commemorate a special occasion. 

Look cool with something on the more simple side, like a stack of thin yellow gold or white gold bands. Think about the recipient of the jewelry. Are we searching for men’s or women’s jewelry? With fashion rings, it doesn’t matter. If you can imagine it, there is likely a designer fashion ring to match.  


Designer fashion rings are available at a broad range of prices. Of course, a simple band will be less expensive than a three-stone ring of diamonds. Once you have determined your budget, the look you desire and the material you want, you are ready to shop! 


At Padis Jewelry in San Francisco, we have been providing jewelry to amazing clients since 1974. We have everything you could want in a designer fashion ring, from fine diamonds and beautiful gemstones to simple yellow and white gold bands. 

Visit us in our showroom by making an appointment, or safely visit our website and pick out a gift — for yourself or someone else — that you will love for many years. At Padis Jewelry, we have a wide variety of designer fashion rings to meet any budget. 

When you are ready to find a fantastic fashion ring, visit the Padis Jewelry Showroom to view our amazing selection and talk to one of our jewelry experts.