What Your Diamond Shapes and Cuts Say About You

What Your Diamond Shapes and Cuts Say About You

When thinking about which diamond engagement ring is right for you, shape is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You may have seen rings on friends, family members, or even celebrities that you like for different reasons.

With so many shapes to choose from, we’ve created a helpful graphic that breaks down some of the most popular diamond shapes and what they say about your personality and style.

This is merely a guide. If you’re drawn to a certain shape for no other reason than simply liking it, that’s okay! We’re here to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring that you will love for years to come. 


1. Asscher - “The Tastemaker”

Most likely seen wearing: The latest fashion trend

Most likely to splurge on: New skin care products


The Asscher diamond shape has a vintage and fashionable appeal. The girl wearing an Asscher diamond is known for wearing vintage style in a way that feels modern and fresh. She loves to wear her grandmother’s heirloom rings, and an Asscher diamond would be a sparkly addition to the perfectly curated jewelry already on her left hand.


2. Cushion - “The Classic”

Most likely to be seen wearing: Jeans and T-shirt

Most likely to splurge on: Another oversized blazer


The Cushion diamond is one she’ll wear forever. She is her best self when dressed in her classic style. Jeans, blazer, heels, and her Cushion diamond ring will always be her go-to for date night. For the girl who is classic, modern, and simply timeless, the Cushion shape is a pretty choice.


3. Princess - “The Traditionalist”

Most likely to be seen in: Cashmere

Most likely to splurge on: Mother - Daughter Spa Day


A Princess diamond is elegant, sweet, and traditional. Princess shaped diamonds are cut to have four corners and a square shape. This shape goes with almost any type of ring style, which makes them a traditional choice, but, rest assured, a Princess diamond is anything but boring. For the girl who is flirty and bubbly, you can’t go wrong with a Princess diamond.


4. Emerald - “The Performer”

Most likely to be seen in: Athleisure by day, black tie by night

Most likely to splurge on: Glam squad  


An Emerald shape is a unique choice. It’s cut like a staircase, with skinny facets falling down the sides. An Emerald diamond exudes confidence and glamour. With so many cuts, there’s more opportunity to catch the light and show off your ring’s sparkle. An Emerald diamond ring is meant to be seen.


5. Round - “The Stylist”

Most likely to be seen in: A pop of color

Most likely to splurge on: Dinner with the hubby  


One of the most popular diamond shapes, the round diamond has a brilliant cut which gives off an undeniable sparkle. A round diamond can adapt to many styles and personalities. For the girl who is modern, stylish and the ultimate cool-girl, a round diamond ring is a perfect choice.




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