Why Padis Jewelry is the Best Place to Shop Tacori Rings and More

 Why Padis Jewelry is the Best Place to Shop Tacori Rings and MoreWe understand if you’re an admirer of Tacori jewelry like we are. This family-run brand offers exquisite handcrafted pieces for the special romantic celebrations in our lives, from engagement to wedding to anniversary, along with jewelry lines for many other occasions. There are very few brands that compare.

At Padis Jewelry, we know you have several choices of retailers for selecting your Tacori pieces. But not every jeweler (like Brilliant Earth) offers the same benefits or has the sizable collection we have. After all -- we are the largest Tacori boutique in the state!


Our competitors won’t provide you with the ability to customize your Tacori ring to fit your preferences, but we work with the Tacori studio to customize engagement rings to fit exactly what you had in mind. This could mean changing the center stone, adding engravements or creating other personal touches. 

Even if some competitors are able to provide custom orders, we are able to receive them at a faster turnaround time as a Tacori Diamond Partner, which is the highest level. We receive these orders at lightning speed direct from the Tacori studio in Los Angeles to one of our California stores. 


We’ll provide support for the lifetime of your ring when you purchase it from us at Padis Jewelry. You can rely on us to continue to provide support, as we are a family business that has been thriving since 1974. Keep your Tacori ring in tip-top shape by visiting one of our stores for its annual maintenance. Our team members will check the prongs, clean and polish the ring until it sparkles brighter than the day you bought it.


We offer the option to upgrade your ring for a milestone anniversary or whenever you please. This option is available for the life of your ring and allows you to pick a new Tacori setting. Bring your ring to us and we will send it to the Tacori studio, which will provide an evaluation and a credit toward a new ring. The credit can provide up to 65 percent of the original purchase retail price to go toward another Tacori of equal or greater value.


As the largest Tacori boutique in the state, we carry a huge inventory of anniversary bands to help you mark these occasions. We have something for everyone in our wide selection of styles. You may want to choose one for regular anniversaries or save them for the milestone ones. We love how some people stack anniversary bands with their engagement ring, sometimes adding a new one every five years.


At Padis Jewelry, you have the option to pair a Tacori setting with one of our beautiful diamonds. This option gives you access to the largest diamond selection in California! We can often offer special combination pricing.

Schedule a visit to a Padis Jewelry showroom to view our amazing selection of Tacori rings and to talk to one of our jewelry experts about how you could customize it.